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Making Bathroom Medicine Cabinets
Feb 27, 2017

Making Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

Bathroom Medicine Cabinets – Medicine cabinet used to be a staple feature in every bathroom. Small bathroom in many older homes have door mirror one open to reveal white metal shell with a few shelves, enough to hold a few items.  Medicine cabinet today is a long way from the early models, ugly and painful. Those are manufactured in hundreds of configuration and method, with some areas of the council of ministers, and integral outlet and lighting fixtures and shapes to match just about any style of home decor. You flush mostly to avoid painful waking up in the call.

Bathroom Medicine Cabinet with Light Fixture

Bathroom Medicine Cabinets Ideas

If you can mind or renew your bathroom, you may need to install a surface mount medicine cabinet. It is easy to install this type of medicine cabinet. Surface mount are a beginner. This is a good option for large families because they are generally deeper and can store more than the government.

To Install Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

Determine if you have a plaster or drywall as this will determine whether you need an anchor or screws to hold the cabinet to the wall. Then hold the cabinets where you want it and have someone sign on the wall the entire top edge of the cabinet. Use your level to make sure that this line is straight and level before any drilling. You can’t have a lot of time ensuring level due to the slight difference that will be visible to you when you are finished. If you remove the door and cabinet shelves, you might find hanging easier.

Bathroom Medicine Cabinet with Light Fixture

Once the level of the line where you will hang your bathroom medicine cabinets, have someone hold the cabinet to the wall again along the line and mark where you want to drill holes in through them. But if you don’t, you will need to mark inside the cabinet, as well. It is recommended that you put the screws in the direction of the upper cabinets, and at least 1 inch the center of the bottom. If you are drilling into the walls dry hollow, it will hit dead space when you’re through. Insert the screws through the cabinet and into the wall as shown in the package pins. Tighten the screw anchor in lighting the outside wall cabinet and hold tight. With ordinary screws, you will screw into the wall until the screw head tight against the cabinet. That’s all about bathroom medicine cabinets.

Bathroom Medicine Cabinet with Light Fixture

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