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Bathroom Cabinet According To The Way Of Installation
Aug 10, 2017

Bathroom Cabinet According to the way of installation

Bathroom cabinet, I believe many people are relatively unfamiliar, the benefits of its role and the brand do not understand. With the sharp increase in economic level, people began to pursue the ultimate spiritual and material enjoyment. On the one hand requires the purchase of the product quality reliable and practical, on the other hand requires the product shape and characteristics can reflect the owner's taste and social status. In fact, the bathroom cabinet is not a new thing. In the past, people have placed in the bedroom for the placement of washbasins and towels of wooden furniture, which is the earliest bathroom cabinet. Later, people for the convenience of daily life, slowly in this kind of wood furniture to add a variety of functions, such as storage, bath mirror, LED lights, etc., developed into a modern bathroom cabinet.

Bathroom cabinet is powerful, not only has a very practical storage, washing function, but also to the bathroom decoration add to the finishing touch of a pen. Because the bathroom cabinet has such a role, in today's society more and more people love. In general, the bathroom cabinet according to the installation method can be divided into hanging and floor type, according to the material can be divided into solid wood, stainless steel, PVC and so on. In addition, the bathroom cabinet also has a different brand, different style. To so many inside the bathroom cabinet style to find a suitable for their own, in fact, really a little difficult. Today, to a detailed analysis of the bathroom cabinet election hanging or floor type of good.

In general, the size of the hanging bathroom cabinet will not be large, the common size of the width of 60cm and 80cm, more suitable for small bathrooms or family members of the situation is not much use. In addition, because the hanging bathroom cabinet is suspended installation, can effectively resist the spread of ground water, is not suitable for dry and wet separation of the bathroom. There are other benefits of floating installation, that is, will not leave the health corner, engage in health is very convenient.

Hanging bathroom cabinet is to pay attention to, that is, we must choose to load the wall to install the bathroom cabinet, or will not be able to withstand the weight of the bathroom cabinet caused the bathroom cabinet loose or fall. Or, in the daily use of the hanging bathroom cabinet, do not place heavy objects on it.

Hanging bathroom cabinet bad place is that the installation is too much trouble, the average consumer to install them are more difficult, or can arrange hydropower master to help install. In the choice of drainage, it is best to choose the wall row, this will be more beautiful. If you choose to row, under the sky is easy to see the drain, affecting the beautiful.

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