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Bathroom Cabinet Bathroom Counter Market
Sep 14, 2017

Bathroom Cabinet Bathroom counter market

Bathroom ark is big market Nordic wind is the biggest selling point

The time is always very fast, the 2017 has already passed more than half, the small target of the first half of the year you achieved? Half a year can happen a lot of things, and in this past six months, what happened in our bathroom circle? The wei yu data of 2017 is already fresh, quick keep up with the footstep of small make up, look to defend bath big data, what change is happening in the bathroom in 2017?

At the very beginning, we still have to talk about big industry data. On the analysis of the gender area, a modern white-collar women no doubt is the main force of today's consumer goods market, they are more likely to accept new things, the pursuit of fashion, ready to communication, know yourself, to the quality of life have higher requirements. According to the data survey, today's white-collar female consumers have a unified standard in psychology, appearance and behavior. Nearly half of the respondents between the ages of 18-35 years old, 30% of respondents monthly income in 5000 yuan of above, nearly a third of the people working in the office, and 57% is college degree or above, more than visible respondents for young, has the decent employment, economic independence intellectual women, more can reflect the aesthetic view of white-collar women, consumption psychology and the characteristics of the female consumer market and trends.

According to investigation, the consumer group of wei yu has moved from 60, 70 to 80, 90, small make up to point to calculate, should also be able to circle the earth a few times? Visible wei yu demand also grows fast!

Data show that along with 80, 80 consumer groups into marriage after purchase stage, the demand for sanitary ware and other household items also increases gradually, they have gradually become the main market consumption group, the whole market presents a "younger" trend. Unlike in the past, most modern young people will choose to live separately from their parents, in order to decide the style of decoration and bathroom cabinet. In the past, the parents paid more attention to practicality and durability, while the current consumption trend is more in favor of the stylish modern design.

In the high-end bathroom counter market, more economic power in post-80s households is the main force of consumption. The high-end bathroom cabinet with "Nordic simplicity" is the first choice for many post-80s consumers. Compared with European, American and Chinese, young consumers prefer the modern minimalist bathroom cabinet.

As the quality of life has improved, the demand for bathroom products has also started to change. "brand and style" has become a hot demand in 2017. And this also is wei yu since establish a brand to pursue, close to consumer's life. Wei yu teaches bathroom ark collocation skill

Bathroom ark combination basically is to point to the ark that is put in the storage ark that is put in the bathroom namely store content, place, receive and wash gargle function to be an organic whole cabinet, bathroom mirror, mesa, bibcock and so on bath supplies combination. How to match the bathroom cabinet to achieve the best effect on the vision?

The combination form: the bathroom ark is not like a kitchen cabinet, there is a more consistent pattern, you can create a variety of style bath cabinet anywhere in the bathroom; It can be the corner cabinet, the arc ark or the box ark, also can be the strip ark that is placed in the door or can be disassembled a combination bath ark. But they must correspond to the overall design of the bathroom, no matter from the material color to the shape of the shape and size should be coordinated with other facilities, otherwise will give people the feeling of the lily.

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