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Bathroom Cabinet Development Trend
Sep 26, 2017

Bathroom Cabinet development trend

The development trend of bathroom cabinet

With the progress of society, people's pursuit of quality of life is also constantly upgrading, and the development trend of the bathroom cabinet has a significant furniture characteristics and more functional, blurred the previous people on the functional boundaries of the region, and break Those fixed patterns, with the constant change in innovation. Bathroom cabinet style can not only continue the living room, bedroom style, you can also another way, self-contained. And thus seemingly ordinary bathroom space, with the bathroom cabinet embellishment, can be reflected or modern or elegant or alternative personal style, and both convenient and practical, personality and function, the best of both worlds.

Is set development, design, manufacture high-grade bathroom cabinet furniture and ancillary products as one of the large Zhejiang bathroom cabinet manufacturers. Strong economic strength, advanced machinery and equipment, leading production technology and high-quality technical personnel with modern business model, to ensure that the core product quality.

High-quality materials with professional designers unlimited imagination, the East and the United States and the perfect use of furniture integration. Simple design concept gives the product unlimited life, modeling very personalized. Full waterproof material and excellent paint technology to ensure that the product of long service life, so that users really appreciate the value of modern bathroom to enjoy.

  Common are solid wood (including Hainan oak, Yunnan oak, imported oak, southwest birch, Zamu), ceramics, PVC, acrylic, glass and some special rare materials.

      1. Ceramic pots, pots are relatively easy to clean.

      3. Stainless steel pots, water sound larger. Public places with more, not suitable for family use.

      2. Glass basin, easy to be attached to soap and water difficult to clean!

      4. Microcrystalline stone basin, easy to scratch hard objects! But can be polished to recover.

      5. Phoenix stone basin, basin body is relatively easy to clean. Not easy to scratch hard objects.

   At present the bathroom industry competition, follow the trend of popular development in the home bathroom industry in 2015, the large number of experts believe that the public choice of the bathroom will gradually go to health and environmental protection, simple personality, functional first shopping concept, and comfortable bathroom New enjoyment is also increasingly hot pursuit

      Daily trends in fashion trends

Recently, many multi-functional concept of sanitary ware products began to market, multi-purpose wash basin, beautiful and practical bathroom cabinet and style more in line with the aesthetic of the toilet, but also increasingly become the focus of consumer groups

     Trend 2 is simplistic

Simple and convenient, this simple trend is just to meet the psychology of many young people, so sanitary ware has become simple. The toilet gradually become elegant; toilet becomes practical; more and more rational consumers began to pursue a very simple bath or shower room, minimalist style began to swept.

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