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Bathroom Cabinet In Accordance With The Professional Production
Oct 27, 2017

Bathroom Cabinet In accordance with the professional production

Manufacturers often made by sticking the simulation of paper, veneer, plastic skin, edge and then use other materials package edge, and finally made of colored paint processing. Solid wood bathroom cabinet manufacturers in the production of bathroom cabinet is divided into nine steps, one, pick: with the naked eye to observe the color of wood and age. Second, cut: in accordance with the professional production of the book, according to Mo touch, the different parts of the required materials open into different sizes. Third, the grinding: solid wood bathroom cabinet manufacturers need to open a good wood to polish, and remove the surface of the burr, residual bark and scratches. Fourth, drill: the use of professional precision drill on the wood pre-drilling structure installation hole. 5, fight: puzzle is a more attention to the process, first of all to be polished after the size of the wood together and put together in a specific mold, coated with plastic sheet, and then from the fixture and up and down at the same time pressure and fixed , Need to keep more than 24 hours, while in the process of fighting a larger surface, such as the floor will be a professional engineer according to the force area and expansion and contraction coefficient to calculate and slot, to prevent the use of the cabinet after the deformation. Six, throw: fight a good cabinet and need a professional polishing machine for multiple polishing. Seven, cut: the project requires high precision, the various components are calculated in units of small millimeters. 8, paint: solid wood bathroom cabinet manufacturers to use professional polyester paint to ensure that the use of requirements on the pest control, waterproof, unique and generous color is also in the market to maintain high-grade one of the key. Nine, installed: paint dry after the need to install a professional installation platform, and re-conduct a comprehensive inspection, after the end of the wrap wrapped with plastic wrap fixed. Every step of the solid wood bathroom cabinet manufacturers will be strictly produced to ensure quality.

Now everyone is busy in the work environment, more and more attention to quality of life, when we take off a tired home, pushing the bathroom door, want to wash this dust, we need solid wood bathroom cabinet to load us Of the burnout, with its warm texture, tell you this is where you can let a good rest. So how to choose solid wood bathroom cabinet? Choose from the style of solid wood bathroom cabinet must be echoed with the overall design of the bathroom, regardless of its material color, shape and size should be coordinated with other facilities. And choose from the style of solid wood bathroom cabinet floor and wall-type two, floor-type for wet and dry separation, large space modern bathroom; wall-saving space, easy to care, clear the health corner. But also according to the size of the bathroom to choose solid wood bathroom cabinet, relatively speaking, the traditional bathroom space is relatively small, you can choose a single cabinet mirror combination or corner hanging hanging cabinets, embedded in a few small multi-grid, beautiful and Does not affect space. Of course, we have to consider the table, the table is easy to contact with the outside world when the wear and tear, so the choice of bathroom countertops we have to choose a hard to write the material, solid wood style, retro, revealing the luxury, And paint treatment after the waterproof performance is excellent, the ceramic: directly based on the mold made of ceramic body to do the cabinet, easy to care, clean. PVC: raw materials for PVC crust foam board, the most important waterproof performance without worry, paint the color glossy bright name, is also a good choice.

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