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Bathroom Cabinet It Has High Ornamental Value
Sep 04, 2017

Bathroom Cabinet It has high ornamental value

Advantages of solid wood bathroom cabinet:

Solid wood feels more gentle, feel the class is better, can moistureproof. Solid wood bathroom cabinet features natural, environmental protection, reveal nature and original beauty. Is natural, and no chemical pollution also has the very high ornamental value and plasticity, can be determined according to the different needs of consumers and, this is really a healthy fashion choices, very accord with the modern urbanite advocate nature's psychological needs.

Disadvantages of solid wood bathroom cabinet:

The stability of solid wood wood depends on the change of moisture content, the solid wood furniture will be affected by the surrounding environment and change the water content of the factory, the water content change will lead to deformation and cracking. In addition, if it is made into thin plate, such as side plate and frame, it is easy to change. Therefore, in the use of solid wood bathroom cabinet, it must pay attention to the water content of its base material and ensure that it is in a stable and dry environment.

The type of solid wood bathroom cabinet

1, detached, independent bathroom cabinet is suitable for single master and rent apartments, its style is concise, cover an area of an area small, easy to do, and can receive, wash gargle, lighting function.

2, two-men type: double bathroom ark is having wide bath the best choice of the combination of two people, it can avoid the two in the morning for such a struggle of the basin that wash a face, not only very health, and users can be respectively put items according to their living habits.

3, modular, modular bathroom ark have extremely strong functionality and clear classification, it is a combination of open type shelf, and peace in the drawer to open the door, shape specifications also each are not identical, use the discretion of the frequency and quantity according to item to choose different combination of form and position. Common items such as towels and bath soap can be put in an open framework, easy to use, all kinds of cleaning products can not commonly used in the lower locker, a common fragile items should be placed on the glass in the cupboard door, safe and convenient.

4. Symmetrical: symmetrical bathroom cabinet brings visual and functional balance, whether you are accustomed to using your right hand or your left hand to find the side of the hand to put objects and towels.

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