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Bathroom Cabinet Maintenance Common Sense
Jun 30, 2017

Bathroom Cabinet Maintenance common sense

Maintenance common sense editor

1, bathroom cabinet in the handling, should be light lift light, do not pull hard; placed, the ground uneven, should be leg mat real;

2, do not put the sun in the bathroom cabinet, do not put too much in a dry place, placed in the appropriate ventilation;

3, the bathroom cabinet has cracks, and can be used to paint and paint the paint after the plug into the block to keep a long time is not bad, but the putties and pigments and raw pigment color to be consistent, so as not to leave scars;

A burning marks: fireworks in the bathroom cabinet left the scorch marks, if the paint charred, can be wrapped in a layer of fine lines on the toothpick hard cloth, gently wipe traces, and then coated with a layer of vinegar, Can be eliminated.

B hot marks: bathroom cabinet left white hot marks, generally as long as the use of alcohol, toilet water, kerosene wet cloth can be wiped.

C water stains: covered with a damp cloth in the bathroom cabinet on the mark, with electric iron brakes carefully press the wet cloth, marks can disappear.

D abrasions: bathroom cabinet paint abrasions, not touching lacquered wood, can be the same cabinet with the same color crayons or pigments, painted in the cabinet wounds to cover the exposed background, and then transparent nail polish coated with a thin Layer can be.

4, often with a soft cloth for the bathroom cabinet to dust, before the dust, the soft cloth on the point of cleaning agent, do not use dry cloth wipe;

5, regular waxing: every 6 to 12 months, with a paste wax for the bathroom cabinet layer of wax;

A to remove the watermark: with a clean absorbent paper shop in the bathroom counter on the water mark, with hot iron weight on the top, can also be applied with toothpaste, after the dry, wax.

B to remove the white print: with a cloth mixed with a mixture of soot and lemon juice, dried and then waxed.

6, bathroom cabinet daily cleaning: ceramic basin daily cleaning can be used water and detergent, soap and water cleaning;

7, bathroom cabinet ceramic basin scratches: ceramic basin surface should always keep clean, dust sand in time to remove one side of the wear surface, when the ceramic basin surface scratches, can be painted in the scratch a little toothpaste, with soft Cloth repeatedly wipe, in the wax, can make the bathroom cabinet surface as smooth as new.

As the bathroom cabinet in the environment, will often come into contact with water, the environment is relatively humid, compared with the use of other cabinets bathroom cabinet need to pay more attention to maintenance, in detail to pay more attention to the bathroom cabinet long life.

First, the door of the maintenance

1, to avoid close to heat, power, water, to avoid direct sunlight;

2, do not touch gasoline, benzene, acetone and other organic solvents;

3, with pure cotton cloth, accompanied by brush clean carved seam;

4, solid wood door is best to use furniture water wax cleaning;

5, it is recommended that every two weeks or so every time on the solid wood bathroom cabinet for a maintenance: cleaning, waxing, a long-lasting color and color;

6, should avoid overflow on the table. Splashing water to stay long and soak the door and deformation.

7, bathroom cabinet doors and drawers should be appropriate to open the force, do not let go fierce. Hanging cabinet of the glass lift, should respect the design push with hydraulic support or free to stop to protect the use of security.

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