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Bathroom Products Card Shower Features
Jul 28, 2017

Bathroom Products card shower features

IC card shower features

1, man-machine group management, cardholders can only consumption in this group, the management of regional subdivision to facilitate management;

2, sub-network type and off-type. Network type: the entire computer automatic control, automatic send and receive data, statistical detailed consumption data; off type: you can find the total consumption and can be off-line report loss;

3, full waterproof design, bottom cover and face shell joints with silicone seal waterproof, stainless steel screws fixed bottom cover and face shell, can be flooded to ensure that the product has a higher stability, durability;

4, automatically identify the legitimacy of the cardholder, according to the card account information to determine whether to allow consumption;

5, water control and switching valves are 12V (below) voltage, and fully guarantee the safety of users.

Induction shower advantage

1, large filter cup, reduce the number of cleaning, more suitable for bath use.

2, the filter cup with industrial flange connection, open the stainless steel screws can be removed filter cleaning screws, and from the non-removable filter cup said "goodbye"

3, power supply with backup power, even if the power failure, the guests can calmly bath, bath to solve the sudden power outage embarrassment.

4, anti-fog, anti-take a towel function more perfect.

5, the nozzle with a pulse valve, the nozzle is only in the water, open water instantaneous power, bath nozzle no power.

6, the controller uses a unique fixed structure, remove the fixed ears on both sides, the appearance of natural beauty.

7, the use of DC 6V power supply, safe and worry-free.

8, optional infrared remote control independent adjustment shower sensor sensing distance, sensitivity and other details, more considerate.

9, filter cup interface with copper inserts, the product is more durable.

Applicable places: organs, factories and mines, schools, hotels and other public baths; swimming pool, bath center, beach and so on.

It is also essential to disinfect the toilet regularly. Let's take a look at some of the little tips for cleaning the toilet.

First, clean the toilet, you can put a glass of white vinegar with a little soda powder and mix thoroughly in the toilet, in 10 to 15 minutes after the brush with a brush to stains, and then wash the water several times to achieve the purpose of cleaning. If the toilet has been used for a long time has been yellowed, you can pour Coke soak, most of the dirt can be removed, if stubborn stains, need to use the brush to further clean.

Second, the most direct contact with the toilet seat, in the cleaning of the toilet when the special use of disinfectant or baking soda on the cushion for disinfection. Many people like to use hot water to clean the toilet, that will achieve better cleaning effect, to remind these friends, must not use the temperature of more than 60 degrees of hot water, or may cause the toilet crack.

Third, with the cleaning agent. Toilet cleaning agent is specialized in melting scale, the usage is to clean the toilet drops on the need to clean up the scale, if it is toilet, it drops in the water sealed in the water, it takes a few minutes and then scrub. Similarly, there are stains on the tile can not be wiped, but also dipped in a small amount of cleaning agent to wipe. Note that as far as possible not to hand contact with the toilet, because the toilet and hydrochloric acid as a strong corrosive. Must be hand, wear anti-corrosion gloves. If you accidentally get the skin, rinse immediately with water.

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