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Bathroom Products Direction
Jun 30, 2017

Bathroom Products Direction 

Direction editor

Sanitary ware production, and few end consumers directly "meet", so for the consumer goods used in the "vigorous" brand marketing has always been very seriously.

With the change of commodity environment, the living conditions of sanitary enterprises began to gradually "close" to consumer goods, such as technology, product homogeneity, price transparency, open sales, etc., the competition between the bathroom business is relatively simple from the past The quality, technology, sale and so on to upgrade to the stage of brand competition. So, how to implement their own brand of brand marketing marketing popular consumer goods by the implementation of the dazzling brand marketing means and what can give the bathroom effective reference and reference.

Homogeneous products, the development of differentiated functions

Homogeneous products, the most prominent feature of differentiation, is the Procter & Gamble products. Such as Rejoice, is for Shun Fat; Head & Shoulders, is against the dandruff; Pantene, is for hair care. Can be described as flourishing, any choice. In fact, these products are the essence of shampoo, but because P & G has given them different functional differences, there will be different consumer groups, also opened up a different consumer business district.

Similarly, the bathroom enterprises in the essential technology, product quality and other major elements and not much difference, if we blindly or fight the quality, fight technology, then for the customer, is equal to all are almost "appearance" So that they fall into a vague psychological awareness.

But if there is a difference in functional design with the opponent, even if the difference is only a small change, then, in the same conditions, the customer will have a deep impression on your product, resulting in a clear Brand awareness, to achieve the desire to promote the purchase. In fact, there are some domestic bathroom enterprises have successfully implemented this differentiated brand approach.

Product function visualization, close to the consumer

The function of the product is a bunch of blunt technical text or a slim metaphysical theory. If the bathroom business directly to the specialized product features described to consumers, then very few consumers can understand. Therefore, the mass consumer goods is extremely clever to visualize the product function, will be superficial, will be complicated and simple, so that consumers can understand a look. Or to Procter & Gamble products as an example, we have seen the advertising of the Haifeisi it, in order to Haidi Si's dandruff vivid expression of the image, Head & Shoulders adverts dandruff as a hook, the general shampoo is difficult to effectively remove. But Haifei Si can easily be the "hook" unplug, and add 90 percent of the professional evaluation of trust to be emphasized, so that consumers have dandruff after looking at all the eager.

Perhaps the use of sanitary ware is all professionals, they can understand the meaning of professional terms expressed? Yes right, but I think not all professionals are technical experts, especially some of the decision-making role in the management Class, they are not all learning technology origin, professional explanation is estimated that they will feel "unpredictable", difficult to understand.

Back to step by step, the complex things simple and clear to tell others, so that others can understand at a glance is not better? In fact, many companies please image spokesperson or design their own unique cartoon image logo, is to let Customers through simple means of communication will be able to understand the functional significance of the company or product, so that customers easily understand the brand image into the customer heart.

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