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Bathroom Products Maintenance Knowledge
Jul 12, 2017

Bathroom Products Maintenance knowledge

Bathroom maintenance knowledge shower room proper maintenance knowledge

[China bathroom network] shower room in recent years the market consumption of hot spots, the overall shower room to save space, easy installation, and make the bathroom can be effective dry and wet separation, winter use can also play the role of insulation. A series of advantages to the shower room in recent years, the market consumption of hot spots.

Many consumers have questions: shower room to buy home after how to use, how to maintain it? In response to these questions, we learned from Faenza products and after-sales service, to collect the relevant answers. The quality of the product also need to maintain the latter part of the cleaning and maintenance of the shower room is also very important. The same time as the above-

After a comfortable shower, pay great attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance, so that the overall shower room longer life. Cleaning and maintenance shower room, there are four main aspects of the maintenance of glass, aluminum frame maintenance, maintenance of hardware accessories and tub maintenance.

Tempered glass maintenance: Do not use sharp objects to hit or hit the glass surface, so as to avoid damage; Do not use the days of water corrosive liquid wipe the glass surface; do not use rough material to wipe the glass surface to avoid scratches. Once the cracks or damaged traces, be sure to inform the first time after-sales service, and to give replacement and maintenance.

1, in order to avoid scratching the glass, the impact of the shower room visual beauty, daily cleaning, the general use of soft dry cloth can be.

2, for the push-pull shower room, pay attention to the maintenance of the pulley. Be sure to avoid the front impact of the active door, and regularly clean the pulley, slide, slide, and fill the lubricant on time.

3, for the aluminum alloy door frame, if the aluminum surface stains, you can use a neutral detergent water after wiping.

4, for the shower room floor, do not use sharp objects to hit or hit the surface, so as to avoid damage.

Maintenance of aluminum alloy frame:

First to prevent the direct sunlight and sun exposure, otherwise it will cause the spray layer fade; followed by corrosive liquids or materials can not be wiped; third can not use rough materials (including toothpaste) wipe the surface; fourth can not use sharp objects to describe the surface The If the surface of the aluminum stains, wash with a neutral wash water after wiping

Hardware accessories maintenance: push-pull shower door, there are sliding blocks and sliding wheel in two ways. Pulleys, sliders, lubricants (lubricating oil or lubricating wax); regularly adjust the slider of the slider Adjust the screw to ensure that the slider on the active door of the effective bearing and good sliding.

Tubing, chassis maintenance: do not use sharp objects to hit or hit the acrylic surface, so as to avoid damage; do not use the day of the water corrosive liquid wipe the acrylic surface, so as not to damage the surface gloss; do not use rough material to wipe the acrylic surface to avoid There are scratches; clean shower room walls and bottom basin, you should use a soft dry cloth. If there is a slight dirt, please use a soft cloth or sponge stained with a neutral detergent for cleaning, in the removal of stubborn dirt, please use alcohol to clear.

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