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LED Bathroom Mirror Enhance The Whole Space
Sep 26, 2017

LED Bathroom Mirror Enhance the whole space

Bathroom is a private but not a big place, a lot of people in the bathtub, toilet, basin are in a space, every time you wash your face or a bath when the heart is always awkward, but by the designer cleverly a block Low walls and a fence designed separately, the entire toilet space becomes relatively independent. Lightly simple kitchen and toilet are surrounded together, the ground made waterproof treatment of the fur will also enhance the texture of the entire space, the window of Smart natural light and simple floor lamp to ensure that the toilet space lighting needs, the whole environment naturally smooth.

          Many people like the high saturation of the color, but rarely dare to use it in the bathroom, in fact, the device wash basin low wall up and down some work, there will be unexpected results, the low wall painted high saturation color , The use of the same color vase, bathroom mirror or table interspersed in space, not only to wash the basin near the easy to clean, and increase the cleanliness of the entire space, so that the white looks more pure, and produce a good level Sense and three-dimensional effect.

  Bathroom space is relatively small, we consider the beautiful at the same time, other subsidies should also be taken into account, especially ladies of various bottles and jars, and a little storage of the mirror can make up for the lack of bathroom space, bathroom The mirror is ultra-thin design, while the depth of the station is just just the basic just with the thickness of the bottle jar, so in the bathroom space which will not take up too much space (compared to the traditional cabinet is much better) fresh simple , But the powerful to meet our needs, called small mirror big use. Bathroom mirror cleaning and maintenance

Bathroom mirror clean

If it is a general mirror, then directly with water wipe (or with alcohol), and other surface dry after the use of soft napkins to wipe the white material (from the water minerals remain on the mirror).

But if it is the general anti-fog mirror (no waterproof function), must pay attention, can not use water to wipe. Coated with anti-fog mirror to be careful when not careful, do not force too much, carefully wiped off the anti-fog coating; if there is no safety measures of the anti-fog mirror, then, in order to ensure that the water does not enter the back of the premise of charged equipment, you can be careful wipe.

The last case, high-grade electronic anti-fog mirror, such as bathroom mirror, with a waterproof strip, the back of the insulation device, you can rest assured that wipe! Generally open the anti-fog device after 30 seconds can be used normally!

Bathroom mirror maintenance

In the daily maintenance should pay attention to the following:

1, the mirror can not come into contact with salt, grease and acidic substances, these substances easy to corrode the mirror.

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