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Mirror How To Distinguish Bathroom Mirror
Sep 14, 2017

Mirror How to distinguish bathroom mirror

Bathroom bathroom mirror is the important component parts between wei yu, harmony, the safety of the use of bathroom style even to protect personal privacy is very exquisite, nowadays, the appearance of the bathroom mirror is varied, or square or elliptic, or separate the whole mirror side edge grinding, mirror carve patterns or designs on woodwork, delicate and practical; Or as the bathroom ark, cooperate mirror lamp bath cabinet, receive function is strong... How should we judge which bathroom mirror we should buy to be both practical and safe?

How to choose proper bathroom

With time, the development of the society and the development of bathroom mirror products, it has greatly promoted the replacement of bathroom mirror products and has been in the front of the innovation. LED bathroom mirror, it has waterproof fog, time temperature display and other functions, it has very strong service. Quality is also better than general miscellaneous brand bathroom mirror, consumer can be assured to use. The bathroom mirror, as the name suggests, is placed in a bathroom mirror for your toiletry. Bath mirror is the integral part that defend bath space is indispensable, clear bright bath lens, bring the good mood that brings a person to make up. Can not see the appearance of bath mirror and common mirror is very similar, in fact the attention is quite a lot of how to distinguish a bathroom mirror?

To make sure that the purchase is foolproof, let's look at some of the quality identification techniques you can use when choosing a bathroom mirror.

1. Look at the bathroom mirror

When choosing a bathroom mirror, look at the mirror from a positive, lateral, and negative side. A good mirror can not be seen from the appearance of air bubbles, debris, pressure points, glass mutilation, discoloration, yellow spots, black spots, black edges, etc.

2. Look at the mirror image

The mirror image works well. General, 5mm thick mirror in 2 meters inside the elephant is not deformed, do not have skew.

3. Choose a mirror style

The choice of bathroom mirror also should take into consideration the integral style of the bathroom, want to be consistent with integral style. For example, some oval mirrors are more suitable for European style, and the square mirror is more suitable for Chinese style.

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