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PVC Bathroom Furniture High Density
Sep 30, 2017

PVC Bathroom Furniture high density

PVC bathroom cabinet accessories

PVC bathroom cabinet product material see the following details of the note:

a) PVC bathroom cabinet mirror: 5mm magnetron sputtering coating technology and advanced painting process from the silver mirror for the original film, with a uniform film, durable and durable characteristics. Mirror clear, reflecting the metallic luster. Can be reflected true and accurate image, do not distort the advantages of deformation.

b) PVC bathroom cabinet cabinet: the use of high-density double-leather process PVC sheet, waterproof performance, high hardness. And finally in the surface and a special no fingerprint processing technology, can effectively ensure that the use of personal contact without traces.

c) PVC bathroom cabinet door: a PVC door, glass door and stainless steel door plate distinction, the glass door is in the use of the above-mentioned cabinet on the basis of processing, and in the external inlaid 5mm glass, after "no fingerprint" technology, Easy to care, product strength is high, there is no concept of damp.

d) PVC bathroom cabinet hardware accessories: hinge with stainless steel and stainless steel distinction, genuine stainless steel bathroom cabinet generally use high quality stainless steel door hinge, drawer slide; metal bracket and metal feet, to prevent the cabinet moisture damage, no deformation. Tight fit, good impact resistance, flexible hinge, good flexibility, free guide, feel good.

e) PVC bathroom cabinet ceramic pots: excellent products, high temperature firing, to achieve full vitreous porcelain, more durable, water absorption is almost zero, the surface glaze thick, long-term use and easy to seepage, easy to take care of surface hygiene The

f) PVC bathroom countertops: Phoenix stone countertops and glass table with more, this choice to see personal preferences. The whole package of stainless steel bathroom cabinet material (including the mirror and the shelves need to be part of the packaging) are made of stainless steel products can be considered stainless steel bathroom cabinet, or to reach the stainless steel durable, waterproof and moisture-proof effect.

PVC bathroom countertops, ceramic care: in use, do not be hard to characterize the table, ceramic pots coated with a neutral detergent wipe with a rag.

PVC bathroom cabinet maintenance: to maintain the air circulation between the bathroom to prevent long-term left in the cabinet on the water, try to keep the cabinet dry.

PVC bathroom cabinet surface dust. Dirt, you can use a soft cloth dip soapy water. Weak lotion and warm water to wipe the cupboard, do not use a dry cloth to wipe the cabinet, in the process of wiping the cabinet do not use any grinding effect of cleaning A hard paper, a paper towel, or a steel ball, so as not to scratch the surface of the cabinet.

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