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PVC Bathroom Furniture Wash With Neutral Detergent
Sep 04, 2017

PVC Bathroom Furniture Wash with neutral detergent

PVC bathroom cabinet maintenance common sense

Lens maintenance: use a soft cloth and a neutral cleanser when the lens of the bathroom cabinet is marked with water marks.

PVC bathroom counter surface, ceramic maintenance: when used, do not be scratched by hard objects, countertops, ceramic basin application stained with neutral detergent.

PVC bathroom cabinet maintenance: keep the air circulating in the bathroom, prevent water from being left in the cabinet for a long time, try to keep the cabinet dry.

PVC bathroom cabinet surface of dust, dirt, can use soft cloth with soap water. Weak detergent and warm water cabinet, do not use dry cloth to wipe the cabinet, in the process of wiping the cabinet put oneself in another's position do not use any cleaner. With grinding effect is hard cloth. Cloth or steel wire ball, so as not to scratch the surface of cabinet put oneself in another's position.

The PVC bathroom cabinet is covered with oil stains. Oil, oil pollution, can be cleaned with soft cloth first, then wash with neutral detergent or ammonium solution or with special detergent.

If the acid liquid is attached to the PVC bathroom cabinet, wash it with water immediately, then dip it with ammonium solution or neutral carbonated soda solution, then wash it with neutral wash or warm water.

PVC bathroom cabinet has rainbow grain on the surface, excessive use detergent or oil to cause, wash with warm water neutral wash can be washed.

PVC bathroom cabinet surface of dirt, can use ten percent nitric acid or abrasive detergent washing, PVC bathroom cabinet can also use special detergent for washing, regular care can prolong the service life of PVC bathroom cabinet. The main parts of PVC bathroom cabinet

A PVC bathroom cabinet lavatory basin: commonly known as a basin, wash basin, etc., refers to a utensil for washing and gargle water. The material is ceramic, artificial stone, glass, metal, marble, etc., it is divided into table basin, embedded, stage three kinds.

PVC bathroom cabinet: it is used to support the lavatory basin and has the storage function of the cabinet. The material is usually: solid wood, artificial plate, stainless steel, artificial stone and so on.

PVC bathroom cabinet faucet: to control the water flow size switch, has the effect of water saving.

Mirror/mirror cabinet of PVC bathroom cabinet: it is convenient to comb the bath and have certain storage function.

PVC bathroom cabinet shelving: a simple shelf for placing toiletries.

Side cabinet of PVC bathroom cabinet: it is specially used for storage cabinets.

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