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PVC Bathroom Furniture Waterproof And Waterproof
Aug 10, 2017

PVC Bathroom Furniture Waterproof and waterproof

The market selling two good bathroom cabinet in addition to solid wood bathroom cabinet is pvc bathroom cabinet, and in the moisture-proof waterproof pvc bathroom cabinet above is doing my part.

1. When purchasing a bathroom cabinet with a cabinet door, be sure to check the hinge opening degree of the door, try to choose the degree of open 180 degrees, so that you switch and put things will be more convenient when you own, The more tight the description of the hinge more accurate, so that water droplets and dust is not easy to go.

2. In the choice of the time you can choose a relatively high leg or directly choose the wall-type bathroom cabinet, which can effectively block the moisture on the ground, but also in the cleaning time is also very convenient.

3. Bathroom cabinet hardware to see if it is not stainless steel or aluminum products, such a material will not rust is not beautiful.

4. The final installation of the time to pay attention not to damage into the water pipes, or leakage in the use of the cabinet will be wet.

Pvc bathroom cabinet is made by the pvc board, the so-called pvc board is a hard polyvinyl chloride as raw material, can be waterproof, moisture, moth. Contains flame retardant raw materials, so the use of safety.

Pvc board mostly plain color, but also imitation pattern, imitation marble pattern. Its cross-section for the honeycomb mesh structure, both sides of the processing and forming the mouth and concave tenon, which is the consumer in the selection of pvc bathroom cabinet process to pay attention to the details of the requirements of the mouth and the dagger straight and straight, There is no ups and downs and high degree of difference.

Pvc bathroom cabinet production principle mainly to pvc as a blister panel, after vacuum pressure adsorption on the MDF or moisture board, moisture board for wood pulp with moisture-proof particles of solidified, generally blue or green, blister Will be drawn as a whole board, without edge, with excellent moisture-proof waterproof performance.

As the pvc bathroom cabinet used by the material and the production process is different, so compared with other materials of the bathroom cabinet, it has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Pvc bathroom cabinet advantages are: cheap, consumer demand for the consumer demand is very low; moisture, no cracking; rich colors, high temperature, anti-carved, easy to clean.

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