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Tiny Bathroom Ideas That Are Cozy, Roomy, And Functional
Feb 27, 2017

Having a tiny bathroom is not always a disaster because there are some tiny bathroom ideas 

which are so excellent and very helpful to solve your problem with dimension and size of your 

bathroom. The ideas will help you to create bathrooms which are not only roomy and cozy but 

totally functional and help you to be able on enjoy being inside of your tiny bathrooms and 

achieve better bathing experiences. Then, here are those ideas.

Tiny Bathroom Storage Ideas

Tiny bathroom ideas are not always narrow and subdued, play with small bright colored cubic 

shaped ceramic tiles which will add freshness and lights in your tiny bathrooms. Let those 

small ceramic tiles cover your bathroom’ walls and for floor, simply use smooth hardwood 

flooring that suits best with your bathroom. Tiny bathroom ideas will be better when you use 

all clean and clear bathroom furniture from sink, vanity, and toilet.

Then, simply boost your tiny bathrooms with unique placements of elements, install a small 

sized bathtub, then leave a distance about one foot and then install a downsized toilet with 

that one foot distance from bathtub, then do it again for placing a small sized bathroom 

cabinet with white sink on it and mirror to complete the view. Tiny bathroom ideas are always 

effective with all white ideas, moreover if you use the compact sized ones.

Tiny Bathroom Storage Ideas

Last, get a real functional and compact bathroom with corner sink, floating vanity and 

downsized floating toilet which are all so space saving but do not lessen your comfort. To add 

coziness, you can use the refreshing green and orange vibrant colors for walls and clean white 

for all furniture and elements. The overall look will be so alive, fresh and indeed cozy because 

remember that tiny bathroom ideas do not have to be so plain and flat.

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