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Wood Bathroom Cabinets All Kinds Of
Oct 18, 2017

Wood Bathroom Cabinets All kinds of

We all know the basic style of the same cabinet, solid wood bathroom cabinet is not the same, all kinds of, so when the purchase according to the overall design of the bathroom, size and style to coordinate with the decoration. If it is a small bathroom, you can choose a combination of mirror single bathroom cabinet, you can choose the kind of wall-mounted, do not take up space, does not affect the use of results. Bathroom cabinet mainly fashion simple, nostalgic classical, natural fresh and modern classical 4 kinds of style. Fashion simple style bathroom cabinet color is more bold, suitable for young people's taste. The nostalgic classical bathroom cabinet comes with a Chinese classical art aesthetic, but it is best to match the corrugated floor. Modernist classical bathroom cabinet is in the classical charm into the modern elements, it is not the wood color painted antique furniture color, but the material is dark, such as walnut, clear lines, gives a very simple feeling. In the accessories, it abandoned the European classical style and exaggerated, highlighting the most basic wooden cabinet cabinet storage function. We have to come into contact with solid wood bathroom cabinet, how to let it bring us a romantic atmosphere for us to create a warm atmosphere, but also need to carefully build. Bath, mantle can be a good atmosphere, small objects accessories is also an indispensable element, and solid wood bathroom cabinet is the finishing touch of the bathroom, is the bathroom to adjust the style of the top priority. As an important part of the bathroom, solid wood bathroom cabinet occupies a significant weight, in order to create a romantic, warm bathroom cabinet, the first choice of bathroom cabinet is the main. Now the bathroom cabinet on the market there are many styles, there are diverse materials. In many styles of bathroom cabinets, each one has its own different style, this can be determined according to personal preferences. The other side, as a foil, bathtub, gauze and small ornaments is also essential. To ask the bathroom the most romantic, the most enjoyable place, none other than the non-bath. The type of bathtub on the market is also a lot of single, double, functional type, etc., when selected, according to the size of the living space to choose the appropriate style.

Yulian is the most decorative role, and can also be divided into bathroom space, is the best choice for small bathrooms. Finally, the bathroom decorations are not less, with a solid wood bathroom cabinet style style, we can choose the same color, with the style of decorations. Not the same as the solid wood bathroom cabinet storage space to have different. The greater the bathroom cabinet does not mean that the more able to accommodate much, but some flexible and common bathroom cabinet but can save the space. Consumers can choose a bathroom cabinet alone, but also to several bathroom cabinet deployment. Just let your bathroom space becomes wide and bright, how can take can. 1. Mirror cabinet: hidden mystery function

Have entered the bathroom, looking at the washing table filled with messy toiletries, there will always be a kind of disorderly feelings. But now close to a look, you will find the wash station clean, the original is the mirror in the "trouble". As a piece of ordinary mirror at first glance, the original side has long hidden mystery. Love the new and want to save space, do not miss the mirror cabinet this feature of the solid wood bathroom cabinet. The mirror from one side open, inside to be able to place a variety of commonly used toiletries, cosmetics and perfume and so on. And then take out later, and then shut the mirror, so that the mirror back to the original appearance, appropriate and convenient.

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