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Wood Bathroom Cabinets Decay Resistance
Sep 14, 2017

Wood Bathroom Cabinets Decay resistance

The solid wood bathroom ark has entered the family of thousands of families, it is a very beautiful view of the bathroom cabinet, because it saves the bathroom also added tonal. So how is the real wood bathroom cabinet shown?

The first is its size. Because the actual wooden bathroom ark is to adjust according to the height of master commonly, so from ground to basin the upper edge should be in 80 to 85cm. And the installation dimension of the general bathroom ark is the distance from the surface of the cabinet is 80mm ~ 85mm. The best way to install a mirror is to stand in front and the head is right in the middle of the mirror. And some bathroom ark most common standard size is the length is 800mm ~ 1000mm, width is 450mm ~ 500mm. Also due to the size of the bathroom is basic about the same, of so for large bathroom ark and super small bathroom ark on the market are rare, if accepted, has a great influence on the beautiful and the price is. The bathroom ark is super small that can only put table basin, when have a kind of the porcelain basin that hangs a wall type, not only beautiful and still do not occupy a place, about 500mm or so. Bathroom ark are generally in the hand basin close position, it is part of the applicable features, applicability and its advantages are also very significant, are generally not for the overall design, beautiful effect is very harmonious, however it is for this reason, water damage and stain will cause big trouble to the cleanliness of the bathroom cabinet. Although solid wood bathroom ark manufacturer of bathroom cabinet with the appearance of the lacquer that bake, has certain corrosion resistance to tide, appearance luster is very difficult to maintain, however, so in the process of actual use, keep clean is to keep the bathroom ark beautiful main a magic weapon, is also the reality of bathroom ark to use the most basic maintenance knowledge. Solid wood cabinet, especially the material itself has the texture of oak ark, fine and compact structure, has certain insects the characteristics of waterproof and moistureproof, after the primers and paint paint processing through many layers, using high temperature baking lacquer layer curing, formation of the paint is not only full and wear resistance, scratch resistance, more stable performance. What is the point of choosing a solid wood bathroom cabinet?

The first is the class. The class divides into three, high-grade solid wood bathroom ark appearance chooses material to be a single tree species texture same. The appearance of the middle grade is similar to the material, the symmetrical parts texture and the color are similar. The normal file requires material texture and color approximation, the color coating color is basically uniform, allowing slight wood grain blur. Second, the color. Have to be overall observation of solid wood bathroom ark, overall color, such as composition, suit furniture must first to see if the surface color coordination, color is consistent, paint film is full, clean, and so on. Third, quality. Each part of the solid wood bathroom ark of material to be reasonable, the structure parts not decayed, knots, splitting, adornment material does have glue, bubbling, warping processing defects, such as decorative pattern should be symmetrical and beautiful. Whether the dimensions are normal, the parts are flat and vertical. Whether all metal parts are treated with moisture-proof stainless steel or bath cabinet with aluminum products, such anti-moisture erosion ability will be strong.

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