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Wood Bathroom Cabinets Different Styles Of Bath Cabinet
Sep 26, 2017

Wood Bathroom Cabinets Different styles of bath cabinet

How to add a solid wood bathroom cabinet?

   Many families in the bathroom any installation of a variety of rods and a variety of basket, often make the bathroom space messy. Today, the market has introduced a new product - solid wood bathroom cabinet, health supplies, cosmetics, bath clothes and even laundry to be accommodated in the lockers, so that the entire bathroom space becomes tidy, with their handy. At present, people in the purchase of sanitary products, solid wood bathroom cabinet has become one of the key consideration of decoration design. The use of the bathroom can provide the use of space, design a wide range of different styles of the cabinet, and even assembled to the bottom of the washstand, so that both can be wrapped up the pipe, but also to expand the space, increase the use of wash the surrounding area The

   Now on the market popular bath cabinet has a variety of specifications and different styles and materials, with the bathroom space size, guest bedroom decoration style matching selection, decorated with a unique bathroom cabinet. Bath cabinet material are moisture-proof, the expansion coefficient of wood is also maintained at a fixed number, people do not have to worry about the bathroom space moisture will make these storage cabinets due to moisture and deformation.

   Solid wood bathroom cabinet design as short as possible to take the hanging cabinet type, the design height of 197 cm is limited, the general height of the people can use. Style is best close to the room design style, and strive to unity, perfect and practical. We all know the basic style of the same cabinet, solid wood bathroom cabinet is not the same, all kinds of, so when the purchase according to the overall design of the bathroom, size and style to coordinate with the decoration. If it is a small bathroom, you can choose a combination of mirror single bathroom cabinet, you can choose the kind of wall-mounted, do not take up space, does not affect the use of results.

Bathroom cabinet mainly fashion simple, nostalgic classical, natural fresh and modern classical 4 kinds of style. Fashion simple style bathroom cabinet color is more bold, suitable for young people's taste. The nostalgic classical bathroom cabinet comes with a Chinese classical art aesthetic, but it is best to match the corrugated floor. Modernist classical bathroom cabinet is in the classical charm into the modern elements, it is not the wood color painted antique furniture color, but the material is dark, such as walnut, clear lines, gives a very simple feeling. In the accessories, it abandoned the European classical style and exaggerated, highlighting the most basic wooden cabinet cabinet storage function.

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