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Wood Bathroom Cabinets Grade Identification
Jun 30, 2017

Wood Bathroom Cabinets Grade identification 

Grade identification editing

Identification method

1. High-grade: high-grade solid wood bathroom cabinet materials are generally more stress, are using the same kind of tree species, and tree texture must be symmetrical. Made out of the bathroom cabinet surface coating color is very bright, wood texture is also very clear, full polished counter, smooth and bright, with the same mirror.

2. mid-range: mid-range solid wood bathroom cabinet requirements are relatively low, and materials require texture similar to the texture and color can be similar, not necessarily have to be a tree species. Made the counter color is relatively clear, wood texture is relatively clear, the coating from the front to see the requirements of polishing, the side is not required.

3. Low: low-grade solid wood bathroom cabinet material requirements are very low, the general color is similar to the wood can be almost, the texture is generally not required, the surface is not polished, all are light, so the color is not so bright, Brightness is not very high


1. Look at the problem to the first overall grasp, and then to see the details of the bathroom cabinet is also the choice. Select the time to the overall large amount of the entire bathroom cabinet surface color coordination degree, color consistency, but also pay attention to the next coating fullness and cleanliness.

2. Note that the various parts of the material is consistent, can not appear similar to the decay, cracks and other defects, decorative materials are not open plastic and other phenomena, decorative patterns are symmetrical and beautiful.

3. Size is not normal, whether the formation of all parts of the vertical, are the factors to be considered.

1, the combination of the form: bathroom cabinet does not like the kitchen as a more consistent formula, you can anywhere in the bathroom to create a variety of styles of the cabinet; it can be angle cabinet, curved cabinet or box, can also be Placed in the door after the bar cabinet or removable fight the combination of bath cabinet. But they must be echoed with the overall design of the bathroom, both from the material color to the size of the shape should be consistent with other facilities, otherwise it will give the feeling of superfluous.

You can design different sizes according to the size of the bathroom cabinet, the traditional bathroom space is small, you can choose a combination of mirror with a single cabinet or wall for the wall of the cabinet, and in the mirror below the edge, embedded Small multi-treasure, etc., neither affect the original space, and do not have to replace the basic equipment, making a small bathroom also has sophisticated and practical storage equipment.

2, color and match: bath cabinet color is a variety of, in recent years, the color of the bathroom is still the mainstream. Pure white bath cabinet to create a bathroom of elegance and clean, bright and pleasant, revealing the comfort and calm, the whole tone and ceramic basin white combination of seamless. Elegant colors are like living in a quiet world, after the numerous life, into the space that can enjoy the natural fresh, and instantly all the trouble no, leisurely. In addition, the choice of translucent mirror, but also bring a cool feeling.

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