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Wood Bathroom Cabinets How To Rescue The Bathroom Cabinet
Jul 28, 2017

Wood Bathroom Cabinets How to rescue the bathroom cabinet

Solid wood bathroom cabinet cracking instructions bathroom cabinet quality problems?

Solid wood bathroom cabinet cracking instructions bathroom cabinet quality problems? Today I will secretly for everyone Secret wood cabinet! The Many friends think that if the solid wood bathroom cabinet cracking, then this solid wood must be false. In fact, even if it is really solid wood furniture, cracking is also inevitable. Even the priceless furniture, in the Forbidden City, there will be cracking when the phenomenon, the same need to repair.

Solid wood bathroom cabinet: breakdown of solid wood bathroom cabinet cracking four reasons

Reason 1: Solid wood moisture content

Solid wood furniture, the moisture content is not controlled, there will be cracking, deformation and other quality problems.

Reason 2: Weather caused

The moisture content of the solid wood bathroom cabinet is one to two percentage points lower than the actual air average moisture content. Due to the geographical differences, China's climate weather is not the same, so the moisture content of solid wood bathroom cabinet requirements are also different. For example, Beijing's average annual moisture content of 11.4%, so the solid wood bathroom cabinet with

Water rate should be controlled at 10.4% or 9.4%; South air average moisture content of 14%, then require 12% to 13%. Therefore, some southern solid wood bathroom cabinet shipped to the north, there will be cracking of the situation.

Reason 3: Improper use

Some friends do not properly maintain the expensive solid wood bathroom cabinet, put it in the bedroom by the window position, so that "baby" to endure the sun exposure, or use a wet towel to wipe the dust, free to move the bathroom cabinet, resulting in damage to the bathroom cabinet frame The Which will affect the durability of the bathroom cabinet.

Reason 4: Damage to transportation

Bathroom cabinet in transit, it will inevitably have bumps, plus the reasons for the climate, solid wood furniture transport is even more difficult. Although the solid wood bathroom cabinet than other materials, bathroom cabinet, will be more "strong", but not good maintenance, but also difficult to escape.

Solid wood bathroom cabinet: solid wood bathroom cabinet crack how to rescue?

If it is the naked eye to determine the crack without the crack, which is very easy to solve, with 502 glue along the crack can go in, and then the blade to the excess glue gently scratched, but be careful not to use a knife to hurt the furniture The paint surface.

If it is already cracked small cracks, processing will be relatively complex. Two emergency remedies are available for your reference only.

1, cut into debris of the old book, the amount of alum, boiled water into a paste, carefully embedded in the cracks, waiting for solidification.

2, white glue + wood chips stir evenly, embedded in the gap, after a day and night with sandpaper can be polished.

Of course, the above is just a slight crack of the remedial measures. If you encounter large cracks, we must ask the professional maintenance.

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