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Wood Bathroom Cabinets No Chemical Pollution
Sep 30, 2017

Wood Bathroom Cabinets No chemical pollution

Advantages of solid wood bathroom cabinet:

Solid wood feel more moderate, feel better grade, you can moisture. Solid wood bathroom cabinet features natural, environmentally friendly, revealing the natural beauty of the original. Both natural and no chemical pollution also has a high ornamental value and plasticity, according to the different needs of consumers to determine, it is a healthy fashion choice, very much in line with modern urban people advocating the psychological needs of nature.

Solid wood bathroom cabinet shortcomings:

The stability of solid wood depends on the change in moisture content, solid wood furniture will be affected by the surrounding environment to change the factory moisture content, moisture content changes will lead to deformation, cracking. In addition, in the production of the main load-bearing part, if made of thin plates, such as side panels, frames, easier to change; so in the use of solid wood bathroom cabinet must pay attention to its substrate moisture content, to ensure that it is in a stable Dry and wet environment.

The type of solid wood bathroom cabinet

1, independent: independent bathroom cabinet suitable for single owner and rental apartment, it is simple, small footprint, easy to care, and storage, washing, lighting can function readily available.

2, double: double bathroom cabinet is a spacious bathroom with a combination of the best choice, it can avoid the morning two people waiting for a wash basin with a rush situation, not only very hygienic, and the user can be based on their own Of the living habits to place items.

3, modular: modular bathroom cabinet with a strong functional and clear classification, it has both open-style shelves, and drawers and flat open the door, the shape specifications are also different, according to the level of the use of goods And the number to choose a different combination of forms and placement. Towels and bath soap and other commonly used items can be placed in an open grid, easy access, a variety of less commonly used cleaning products can be placed in the next cabinet, the more commonly used fragile goods should be placed in the glass door , Both safe and easy to find.

4, symmetrical: symmetrical bathroom cabinet to give people a sense of visual and functional sense of balance, whether you are accustomed to use the right hand or left hand will find a smooth side to place items, towels.

5, open: open bathroom cabinet for a closed and dry and good bathroom, because all the supplies are exposed to the outside, so the cleanliness requirements are relatively high. This form is very easy to use, things are at a glance, save the trouble to find the East West.

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