Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom Cabinet

The bathroom cabinet is the cabinet for the items in the bathroom. The surface of the bathroom cabinet we provide is stone, fireproof board, glass, metal and solid wood. The substrate is the main body of the bathroom cabinet, which is covered by the face material. The substrate is the determining factor in the quality and price of the bathroom cabinet. When handling, it should be lifted gently and not to be pulled hard. When placed, the ground is not flat, and the legs should be solid.
The bathroom cabinets in the bathroom of the family have an indispensable role. Every day we have to wash in the inside, take care of our own instruments, and go out to work with a new spirit. Bathroom cabinets play a key role. There are many styles and brands of bathroom cabinets, and the bathroom cabinets we provide are definitely your best choice.
Furnish your bath with our selection of functional and decorative cabinetry pieces.our Bathroom Cabinets have lots of designs, sizes and styles to choose from to suit your bathroom.
Yewlong Industry keeps up with the trend of the times, using design aesthetics and material technology to develop and produce bathroom cabinets in the direction of technology and environmental protection, which can meet the individual needs of different consumers.
As one of the most professional bathroom cabinet manufacturers and suppliers in China, Yewlong Industry is specialized in bathroom cabinet at competitive price for many years. Welcome to wholesale or buy discount bathroom cabinet from our factory.
The colors are varied and can be fully adapted to your bathroom style;
High quality raw materials give a good feeling;
Hard material, high strength, wear resistance, insect and mothproof, good durability;
The materials used in each part are reasonable, and the structural parts are free from defects such as decay, thrift, and splitting;
High dimensional accuracy, flat and vertical parts;
All metal parts are moisture-proof for greater resistance to moisture attack.
The bathroom cabinet needs to be properly ventilated before use to eliminate residual odor.
Do not use sharp objects to scratch and hit the cabinet surface.
Do not use sharp materials such as steel balls to clean the surface of the bathroom cabinet.
Avoid long-term exposure to direct sunlight in the bathroom cabinet to avoid local chromatic aberration.


The mirror we provide is a mirror for people to wash in the bathroom. The bath mirror is an indispensable part of the bathroom space, and the clear and bright bath mirror brings a good mood when grooming.
This kind of mirror is mainly made up of flat glass mirrors. It is made of wood, plastic, glass, metal and other materials. It is decorated with mirror surface technology such as engraving, vertical line, silk screen printing and pasting. It is supplemented by practical materials such as shelf and cabinet. A wide range of series, is the mainstream in the mirror series.
The appearance of the bath mirror is various, square, oval, egg round, etc., or a single whole, mirror edge grinding, mirror carved, exquisite and practical, or as part of the bathroom cabinet, with mirror light, bathroom cabinet, to create a unified Bathroom space.
The water vapor from the bath in the bathroom always casts a mist on the mirror, making the mirror useless. Therefore, our high-quality bathroom mirrors have anti-fog and waterproof functions, and the light is highly refracted. Different shapes of mirrors have their own unique advantages. Consumers can choose the right shape of the mirror according to their own bathroom and their own preferences.
As one of the most professional mirror manufacturers and suppliers in China, Yewlong Industry is specialized in mirror at competitive price for many years. Welcome to wholesale or buy discount mirror from our factory.
The product is light and thin, the structure is firm, the shape is beautiful, and the installation is convenient;
High definition, black mirror, blue, high reflectivity, clear and realistic imaging;
Good moisture resistance, high mercury density, easy to match with glass, not easy to enter the water and damp, can be used for a long time;
Price: Competitive price.
Cleaning Method:
1. Use water directly, add a little washing surface or detergent, then wipe it with a newspaper and it will be very clean.
2. Add a little vinegar to the water to clean it, then wipe it off with a newspaper.
Melamine board, plywood bathroom cabinet

Melamine board, plywood bathroom cabinet

As one of the most professional melamine board,plywood bathroom cabinet manufacturers and suppliers in China, Yewlong Industry is specialized in melamine board, plywood bathroom cabinet at competitive price for many years. Welcome to wholesale or buy discount melamine board, plywood bathroom cabinet from our factory.
The production process of the melamine board, plywood bathroom cabinet is the same as that of the solid wood structure. After the paint is finished, it will not be deformed during use, and the color is not easy to change color, but the weight is heavier than that of the general material. It uses high-quality eucalyptus and other logs as raw materials. The structure is rationally calculated and specially designed. It is made of imported equipment through multiple processes.
The plywood bathroom cabinet has the advantages of high strength, surface impact resistance, good wear resistance and excellent aging resistance.The product is treated by waterproof, anti-corrosion and anti-mold process technology. The production process is dried by vacuuming, pressing and immersing waterproofing agent.
The melamine board makes the furniture look strong. The paper with color or imitation wood grain is fragile. The film formed by immersing in the transparent resin of melamine board is much harder. The film paper is hot pressed with the substrate. After the product has good performance, the furniture made with it does not need to be painted, the surface naturally forms a protective film, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, hot and pollution resistant.
1. Using environmentally friendly glue, the formaldehyde emission is low, reaching the environmental protection standard;
2. Using high-quality wood raw materials, the appearance quality is excellent;
3. Using imported high-efficiency precision equipment, high processing precision;
4. Complete quality management system.
1. Waterproof plywood has little hygroscopicity, stable water absorption expansion rate and excellent moisture resistance, and does not affect secondary processing such as veneer and paint;
 2. The waterproof plywood has excellent nail holding power, high strength, good surface impact resistance, good wear resistance and excellent aging resistance;
 3, The use of imported rubber, vacuum immersion treatment of each layer to play a water-repellent effect;
4, True water resistance and weather resistance, can be kept in boiling water;
5, Excellent water resistance can maintain the appearance of plywood, so that the product can be used for a long time.
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